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Welcome to my 'Caledonian Scholar' project wiki             


These pages will provide an overview of my research as one of the Caledonian Academy scholars at Glasgow Caledonian University.


I received funding in 2008/10 to set up a series of online discussions for students around the globe to engage and discuss issues relating to medical or healthcare law and ethics using problem-based learning.


After a two-year secondment away from the university, I am reviving this site in 2015/16 as part of a COIL initiative to re-engage with an international cohort of students again.

Online Seminars - An International Perspective on Problem Based Learning 


Project Overview

Undergraduate law students, taking a level 3 option in Healthcare Law and Ethics at Glasgow Caledonian University, participate in online seminars using asynchronous discussion boards with our VLE (virtual learning environment) Blackboard.  Over the past few years, this has been a successful venture and the students have benefited in a variety of ways - e.g. asynchronous message boards allow students to work flexibly in their own time, and faceless discussion allows less dominant students to express their views.  More benefits are discussed here, and within the section on conference presentations and published papers.


The rationale of this project is to enhance the online discussion through the internationalisation of seminars, by involving students from external institutions, both in the UK and abroad.  I recieved funding from the Academy to support this initiative for two years (2008/10) and you can see my original proposal here.


I have already presented some research findings on the use of discussion boards, and some conference presentations and papers can be found in the folders listed in the Sidebar on the right-hand side column, along with my contact details.


Also, the rules for the online discussion are available here, and some of the seminar problems and materials are licenced for use under Creative Commons for anyone who wants to adapt or use them within this project - but please let me know as it would be nice to keep updated on this.


Becoming Involved

I am looking for other interested groups to join this project - preferably undergraduate classes that run in the period January-March.  Ideally, I would like a spread of both UK and international institutions and a mix of disciplines such as law, nursing, sociology, criminology and others.  As collaborative partnerships are established, details will be listed here.


A number of potential partners have already expressed an interest from the UK, Australia, USA and South Africa.

Updates and Recent Changes

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